Please ask for a custom quote.  Countries like Germany require a pre-approval form called a DOTAR before the vehicle can even set sail. Please do not ship your vehicles without permission less you will incur heavy fines and possible jail time.  

If you need to have your vehicle or motorcycle picked up from your residence and taken to port, please let us know and we can provide a quote for you.  Please anticipate trucking fees.

LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: If you are having your automobile trucked to port, Premier Van Lines Intl. and the auto transportation company cannot be responsible for any minor paint chips or windshield cracks due to loose rocks/pebbles on the highway. If you are concerned about your automobile's exterior, there are a couple different options. You can purchase a car cover. Or, you can request an enclosed truck trailer. Keep in mind that the availability, transit time, and price for an enclosed truck trailer to pick up your vehicle may vary significantly from your originally quoted price and transit time. We appreciate your understanding of this matter.


Move Me to Germany

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