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Do you have any idea of how much household goods you will be shipping?  If not, it is wise to get an estimate and the best way to get a more precise estimate is to get a survey done.  I can have a surveyor come to your house and he/she can give you an estimate of how much you intend to ship and based on that, I can give you a quote.

Getting a survey done will not only give you an idea of the cost but it will allow us to determine what type of packing materials will be needed on your pack date. 

To obtain the estimated pounds, we typically take the average cubic feet of the specific household item listed and then multiply that by 7 to determine the estimated pounds.  For example, a small kitchen table has an average of 5 cubic feet and you multiply that by 7, you get 35 estimated pounds for that table.  With that in mind, if you decide to add or subtract household items, you can determine the weight by using the formula given above.

If you need to stay within a specific budget, we can help you with that by priority loading and then stopping at the point we think that the budget has been reached.  Albeit; we cannot get the exact pounds; however, we can definitely get as close to it as possible.                                                                                                         877.784.2111