Q: Do I need to put down a deposit before the moving date?  No, Premier Van Lines International will not ask for a deposit before the moving date. In fact, you should be wary of any moving company asking for a deposit before any move begins. It can sometimes be hard to get back your money from other moving companies if something goes wrong or the move is cancelled later. Should you need to cancel, change your move date, or postpone, simply let us know at least a couple of days in advanced so that we can notify the movers and not come to your home unnecessarily.

Q: Do I pay the movers directly on the moving day? No, our company will bill you by e-mail, usually within one week of the pickup date.  If you are having the government or your company pay for the move, simply let our company know the contact information for the person(s) in charge of payment. For some large shipments, it’s often best for the customer to contract directly with the local agent for hourly loading help (and unloading help at the destination city); our company will advise you on this according to your moving needs and budget.

Q. Do you ship vehicles and motorcycles? Yes, we do. You can either drop the vehicle off at the designated port or you can have Premier Van Lines International pick it up directly at your residence.  Please anticipate additional trucking fees if you decide the latter. There will be specific steps that you will need to follow depending on the country that you are moving to.  Please do not ship your car without getting approval from customs and from Premier Van Lines less you incur severe penalties not to exclude fines or jail time.

​Q. Do you deliver my things into my residence? Our full service pricing includes delivery into your residence. Our base price includes delivery to the ground floor entrance. Once inside the residence there is no extra charge for second floors or basements (except for pianos). If you move into a residence or apartment where there are more than 7 steps outside the residence, elevator or excess distance over 75 feet , there may be an extra charge. Our international Move Coordinator can explain this to you. Caution: We see that many of the internet movers do not include delivery into your residence.

​Q. Do you include packing of my boxes? Our full service prices includes all the services needed to move you. It includes packing of all boxes, padding and wrapping of furniture, and loading of the lift vans or containers.  It also includes shipping to your new country, delivering into your residence, setting up of all items that we disassembled initially and unpacking of boxes as requested.  To read more, please click onto this link.


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