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There are three types of insurance you can purchase.

*Full Coverage Insurance. Please be advised that there is a $5,000 policy minimum.  There is no deductible. 

*Total Loss Insurance.  Again, there is a $5,000 policy minimum.  There is no deductible for the total loss policies.  

*Line by Line Insurance.  Minimum policy is also $5,000.   

Please choose the type of insurance you would like to purchase and we can get the policy activated once you let us know how much insurance you want and we receive your high valuation form.

If you want your car(s) covered, print out an extra copy of the high valuation sheet and list your car(s) there.  We want the household goods and cars separated.

I will need to get the policy activated prior to your pack date so that the coverage will begin on the day that your things are packed.

If you don't want to purchase additional insurance, that is fine.  Simply let us know that you decline additional insurance and your shipment will default to our $0.60 cents per pound per article insurance.  Irregardless of whether you purchase additional insurance or not, I need to have you fill out your high value items (anything over $2,000 listed in the High Valuation document that is attached.

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